„We cannot direct the wind. But we can adjust the sails.“



Financing Consulting

Whether corporate financing, project financing or the management of financing risks, we assist you in evaluating and selecting the best solution regarding your intended financing:
  • Selection of the best possible financing structure
  • Selection of the most suitable financing partner
  • Selection of the instruments to manage the risks.

Company Purchase/

Company Purchase / Sale

Those, who have built up a company in their professional career often find it difficult to let go of the steering wheel. And many questions arise. This also applies to those who want to take the helm. Questions can be for example:
  • When is the right time to switch?
  • Is handing it over to family members, known partners or third parties the best solution?
  • Should the handover take place with or without a transition period and training of the new management?
  • How is the company to be assessed?
  • How can the purchase be financed?
We help you to find a way of buying / selling a company that is tailored to your needs and to follow it.

Association Work/

Association Work / Lobbying

Association work and lobbying is very important in many industries. Someone who does not participate cannot represent his interests. But not every entrepreneur can do the work himself. Or assign a representative from his company.
If you wish, we take over your association and lobbying work for you! We represent your interests according to your order. On a single event or longterm.

Interim Management

Interim Management

Special circumstances can make it necessary to fill line positions or the management positions from outside for a limited period of time, in full or in part. The sudden departure of employees or managing directors as well as unusual situations or requirements for the company concerned can be possible reasons.
We will fill the relevant positions for you. Short-term, temporary and competent.


Management Consulting

We support you and your management team in the following areas, among other things
  • General topics of corporate governance
  • Strategy and corporate development
  • Controlling
  • Procurement and cost management
  • Change management
  • Risk management
  • Reorganization and restructuring
  • Personnel development
  • Information technology (IT)
  • Public Relations and New Media
Together with you, we will work out the best possible solution for your company and implement it with you.

Business Start-up

Business Start-up

There are many things to consider, create and implement when starting a business. These include:
  • the development and creation of a business plan,
  • the determination and creation of the necessary liquidity / capital resources,
  • the choice and organization of the customer approach,
  • the structure of the public appearance (homepage, social media),
  • examining the options for using and, if necessary, applying for public funding,
  • tax and legal optimization (e.g. choice of legal form).
We help you to check your business model for plausibility and, if necessary, to optimize it and to take the first steps carefully.

Advisory Positions

Supervisory / Advisory Positions

Supervisory and advisory boards are useful institutions that companies create for themselves to support operational management. Supervisory bodies have a supervisory and advisory function. They can be a valuable sparring partner for the management in corporate matters and thus provide important input. If they are qualified.
We help you to fill your supervisory bodies as best as possible with regard to the individual competencies of the committee members as well as the overall committee competence.

Commercial Services

Commercial Services

It can make sense for companies not to build up and maintain their own capacities for certain tasks, but to have them taken over by a service provider regarding commercial fields of activity. This can e.g. be the finance and accounting, the administration, the creation of business plans, budgeting and calculations as well as the organization and the implementation of shareholders' meetings.
We are happy to take on these tasks for you. Appropriate and competent.