Various projects
“Since 2022, Amuthon Beratung has been an important partner for our company when it comes to customer acquisition in the newbuilding segment of seagoing vessels. In addition, Amuthon supports our customers in project development, for example in the areas of project calculation and capital resources, if desired.
We appreciate Amuthon's competent and constructive contributions, the clear language and the always pleasant cooperation.”
Project: Development and installation of a commercial department
“Amuthon Beratung GmbH supported our company in setting up a commercial department and made a significant contribution to the successful completion of the project. The support provided by Amuthon, represented by Mr. van Grieken, covered, among other things, the areas of recruiting and composition of the team, selection and development of software, specification and installation of the processes and guidance of the employees. Because of their special expertise and the pleasant cooperation, we are pleased that Amuthon continues to support our company as a consultant on a case-by-case basis.“
Various projects
“Amuthon Beratung GmbH is a consulting company whose expertise we are happy to draw on in various contexts. We have great appreciation for Amuthon's flexibility, shipping-specific know-how and ideas.”
Project: Financing of a ship newbuilding project (14 units, China)
“Mr. van Grieken and Amuthon Beratung GmbH advised and supported our shipping company in structuring the financing of our current ship newbuilding project. The cooperation was very successful and very pleasant. Due to Amuthon's excellent expertise and good network, we will be happy to work with Amuthon on future projects.”
Various projects
„Our company has repeatedly consulted Amuthon in the past to discuss complex issues and find solutions. Due to our very good experiences, we will be pleased to continue to work with Amuthon also in the future.“